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I mean…..I want to argue against this but…….yeah you right




I mean…..I want to argue against this but…….yeah you right


nobody said it would be this hard.



"It’s hard to find someone with similar life experiences"

It’s okay, Steve, we know your romantic life is stagnant because there’s absolutely no one else in the MCU who grew up in Brooklyn, served in WW2, got experimented on and is now in the 21st century as a supersoldierWAIT A MINUTE

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Yeah, no. You basically just need to post all the history stuff you have.

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Can we have those rewritten history notes? This interests me greatly. Especially since a few years ago I sat through a 1960’s class and half of it was cold war and the other half was music. >.<

whoo boy. perhaps this friday, after I’ve finished these two essays that are currently destroying my life, i’ll try to piece together all my scattered notes and throwaway comments and mash them together into something coherent for you two. the arrival of the carapacians alone caused a lot of ripples. also i’d want an entire post on how the ancient alternian empire played out because that shit was formative as fuck, but here’s what i have right now:

The source of many troll sociological and cultural traditions to this day. Many have speculated that this is where the naming practices of trolls became formalized, and they were the first troll civilization to actively regulate the Mothergrubs’ reproductive cycles. The empire covered most of the Middle East, Northern Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, and was famed for its military prowess and the strategic cunning of its generals. Its downfall was engineered by unknown means, though everyone is certain it was the direct result of sabotage - at the very peak of its power, without any of the decadence and chaos that usually precede the end of empires, the main leadership of the Empire was massacred. Rumors hold out that this was the first move of the Condesce, a way to free up the Mongolian steppes for her own conquest, but other scholars argue that this was too early and that the fuchsiablood had not yet wriggled forth from the caves, and claim that an unknown burgundyblood was the culprit.”

a lot of Condy’s backstory will come up in a future arc though, so we’ll get into where she was during the world wars and how she casually used Crocker Corp to finagle her way through the Cold War in the course of the narrative. good times, good times.

your queue tag in magnificent

ehehehe, it’s not the most original, but it gets the job done! uwu

(different anon) What I had thought happened in LOSS was hitler had mainly targeted the carapacians, and I had assumed it was because they were relatively recent inhabitants of earth and so he was like 'ew change no'. So clarification ftw! also 'hitler being a dick tw' omfg.

yeah it’s just kind of been a throwaway historical detail i like to toss in there to pretend like this fic has deeper thought and meaning and stuff. carapacians did indeed get targeted hardcore and the destruction of the genetic equipment really caught the public’s attention because it was the first time a lot of people had even realized how carapacians reproduce, but yeah, regular Holocaust stuff happened too. the horrific medical experimentation on carapacians alone is enough to take up an entire medical ethics course for a semester or three.


I was watching a dance performance once and eating some sultanas when suddenly I couldn't chew properly and it turned out I had swallowed not one but two of my teeth #childhoodwasanightmare

okay i had to look up what sultanas were and apparently they’re a kind of grape and OH MY GOD YOU POOR THING

but seriously, that takes real talent to just lose two teeth at once without effort. i had this awful habit of just ignoring my loose teeth until it actually became a health hazard, so my mom liked to take the ends of forks or toothbrushes and just sort of…tap the loose tooth.


it was not a good time.

hakureiryuu replied to your post “Speaking of Hitler, where the Nazi’s in Sundered Star verse humans only? Hemoist trolls? A collection of trolls and humans? Ironically lowblood Troll-Hitler?”

wait, so… no nukes?

nukes were invented much later, since there was less of an urgent push to finish them, what with the war being prematurely over. there have been live tests, but no nuclear devices have actually been deployed offensively. /silver lining

the cold war was also…interesting. and by interesting i mean Condy got involved and when she gets involved…well…


I feel like one of the greatest conquests of the english language is the phrase ‘I’ma’ because it’s an abbreviation for ‘I am going to’ like we managed to subtract all the spaces and three-fourths of the letters and we still know what it means that’s powerful


man every time i rewatch captain america i’m like. so inspired by dr. erskine. what a dude. bleeding out in steve rogers’ arms and his final act before dying is to go in for a last second boob touch. like, the dude saw his window of opportunity closing and he snatched it. not gonna see pecs like those in a shirt that tight in the afterlife. gotta make every minute on earth count.

Speaking of Hitler, where the Nazi's in Sundered Star verse humans only? Hemoist trolls? A collection of trolls and humans? Ironically lowblood Troll-Hitler?

ahahaha, it’s been mentioned kind of obliquely~

in my notes I have “hitler = equal opportunity murderlord,” which can be roughly translated to him targeting all three major sentient beings on the planet - (mostly lowblood) trolls, humans, and carapacians. characters have offhandedly referenced the fact that there were xenocidal aspects to the Holocaust in-universe, and the carapacians definitely got the shittiest end of the stick because he hit them hard where it hurts - the ectobiological machines they use to clone and reproduce. those genetic codes had been around since basically the beginning of reality, so it was catastrophic.

basically hitler was a human shithead, and in general he targeted most of the same minority groups as in the real life Holocaust. just. you know. with warmblood trolls and aliens tacked on.

right up until the BQ and the WQ got wind of it and they got pissed. but since neither of them have their ring, BQ just went around assassinating any major Nazi party members she could get her hands on and WQ, being a nice sensible alien war queen, decided to skip straight to the heavy artillery by contacting her hubby and having him ship over these badboys known as the arch deaconstructors and the siege titans from Central Asia



and they took out most of the camps in a single rampage. as well as most of Germany. you can still see their footprints embedded in the soil of much of Central Europe to this day.

the allies and axis powers were both basically like holy shit the aliens have giant fucking mutated war machines jesus fucking christ we all surrender

and anyway that was how wwii ended. darkhorse winner - the entire carapacian civilization.

the more u know.

If it is any comfort I lost a tooth eating a piece of sushi :(

oh man, that’s awful 8O god, the whole process of having to lose teeth is so pointlessly traumatic. why are humans built this way.

…but of course, whenever i start to complain, i remind myself that sharks continuously lose teeth throughout their entire lives, and some may lose up to 35,000 teeth in a 20-30 year span and that’s fucked up yo